Thank you to all of the amazing and talented volunteers who have helped us donate over 35,500 masks to fill requests in Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington and Waukesha counties. We wanted to share an update on what comes next for the Masked Sewists for SE Wisconsin as our mask needs to move from “critical” to “stable but ongoing.” 

Here is our plan:

SIGN UP GENIUS: We will be discontinuing use of Sign Up Genius as we have reached a point where we are able to fill requests directly from our drop sites as they come in. We have instead decided to add a list of facilities to the numbers updates we’re sharing in the Facebook group.

DROP SITES: Our drop sites are going to continue collecting masks! View drop site locations and drop off hours by visiting our website ( By maintaining a stock of inventory they will be able to fill donation requests as they are received via the form located on our website. 

RESTOCKING DROP SITES: Keep delivering mask donations to our drop sites as you have been. Our goal is to maintain drop site inventory levels. We hope we will not need to, but if drop site inventory becomes critically low, they will put out a “help us restock” request on our Facebook group to build it back up!

PATTERNS: Our dropsites will accept any of our accepted patterns, sewist’s choice! 

PARTNERSHIP WITH MASKING SE WISCONSIN: As businesses reopen and/or require patrons to wear masks, we are anticipating an increase in requests for personal use masks. With your help, we would like to support this group with masks when our drop sites have excess inventory.

SUPPLY CONNECTIONS: Our Facebook group will continue to be the best place for those looking for supplies! Please do continue to share posts for your supply requests and some drop sites will continue facilitating supply coordination as time and supplies allow. Please remember, we are still a “By Donation Only” group.  

NUMBERS UPDATES: We are going to decrease the frequency of our numbers updates to Tuesday and Friday. This will give us time to add facilities to the numbers and give our drop sites more time to gather and share data.

NUMBERS POLLS: We will continue to post a daily numbers poll for you to share your sewing progress. We love seeing what you’re doing; let’s continue to support and encourage each other!

Volunteers, Sewists, together we’ve done amazing things! We appreciate all you have done thus far and will continue to do. Our plan is to keep filling the needs in our community while also providing some time for our drop sites and all our volunteers to rest, recharge and continue to show off your sewing superpowers.